New year, new name: from Précis to Precede
Posted on 9 January 2023

We’re delighted to announce that our name ‘Précis Capital’ has changed with immediate effect. We have rebranded as Precede Capital Partners. We have taken this pivotal juncture as an opportunity to rebrand. The switch to ‘Precede’ spares the undeniably awkward spelling and pronunciation of Précis. No one will miss spelling out the name, correcting the mispronunciations whenever we introduce ourselves, or digging out the troublesome e-acute each time we write it down. Who knows what kind of cumulative time savings and increased productivity could result?

Secondly – and perhaps more seriously – we believe that ‘Precede’ is a great fit for our business. We think it nicely encapsulates the role our business plays in the cycle of a real estate project.

At launch we summarised our role as “connecting ambitious projects with serious capital” – and we have delivered £1.5bn of that capital to date. So we may have a new name, but we’re performing the same important role as before. “Precede” reflects that we are the first port of call for ambitious real estate projects. We enable that crucial first step of providing the capital alongside the know-how and expertise that comes from deep sectoral expertise to get bespoke and complex financing packages over the line. The construction of new homes, the inception of thriving communities and greener buildings: everything else follows.

While the economic landscape remains a challenging one as the new year begins, we have an active pipeline of projects and funding opportunities that we’re excited to get started on.

What’s your next ambitious project? Make a call to our stellar team at Precede Capital top of your 2023 task list, so that we can help make your real estate stories unfold.