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We provide Whole Loans for large-scale developments across the UK
Product Details

We provide Whole Loans of £50m+ for the development of a range of living real estate assets across the UK including:

    Residential for Sale
    Build to Rent
    Purpose Built Student Accommodation
    Later Living

We provide speed and certainty of execution, flexible pricing and leverage, tailored loan structuring and documentation and a pragmatic approach to loan management.

We also incentivise improvements in the environmental profile of the projects we finance with Green Loans.

Loan Size £50m+
Location Typically major towns and cities in the UK
LTC Up to 85%
LTGDV Up to 75%
Developer experience Minimum 10 years
Target demographic Typically young professional first-time buyers or renters, and downsizers and retirees.
Adaptable Realists

Our technical expertise means we give our clients bespoke solutions and hands-on support throughout each project. We take a collaborative approach to lending, building long-term relationships with our borrowers based on trust, transparency and deliverability.

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Clarity from Complexity

Our management team has an extensive track record in structuring real estate finance transactions. We offer the speed and flexibility that only comes with deep sectoral experience, underwriting big ticket loans, without cumbersome bank processes.

Purpose driven pioneers

As well as providing standard Whole Loans, we provide whole Green Loans to promote and incentivise enhanced environmental standards, helping the industry transition to Net-Zero.

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Socially Conscientious

We know our clients make huge contributions towards society through their projects. But this is more than just a hunch. We quantify this data. From Section 106 contributions towards local infrastructure, amenities and social housing, through to new job creation and more, we help our clients to see first-hand the impact of their projects. They can use these statistics in their marketing, reporting and disclosures and the industry as a whole can keep improving.

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