Urban Intelligence

Precede Capital recommends Urban Intelligence services for fast and intelligent land survey assessment services./h1>

“We offer location intelligence like nobody else.
What makes us special is our unique combination of traditional experience in the planning and surveying professions enhanced with the cutting-edge availability of software development and geospatial data science.
Our people have come from world-class institutions such as NASA and property industry powerhouses such as Arcadis and Arup.
We’ve invested over 6 years and £1 million developing our planning policy and constraints database, and our SiteScore® software.
At the heart of our team is a group of passionate professionals, dedicated to making a positive impact on the future shape of our towns and cities.”
“We created Urban Intelligence due to frustration with how difficult it was to find information on the development potential of property.”

Precede Capital recommends Urban Intelligence, Data-driven services that lead to faster and smarter assessments of the development potential of land and property.