Precede Capital recommends LandTech; a PropTech subsidiary dedicated to simplifying property development.

“Back in 2010, Andrew wanted to self-build a house. But the process was… complicated.
Andrew was a developer (the software kind). So he decided to use his skills to make finding and assessing sites a little easier – for himself and others.
So he tweeted: “Property software startup seeks co-founder”.
On the other side of the country, ex-town planner Jonny was after a new challenge. He was after a way to bring some much-needed innovation to the property sector. Then he saw Andrew’s tweet.
Andrew never did build that house. But between him and Jonny, they’ve built the fastest-growing PropTech company in the UK”

Precede Capital recommends LandTech, a PropTech company in the UK whose mission is to make property development simplified.