The PropTech Guide
Lawin Chandra
Posted on 27 February 2021

The Proptech Guide by Lawin Chandra is an essential guide to real estate technology.

The PropTech Guide is designed to help real estate professionals face current and upcoming challenges in the industry through the use of real estate-focused technology, or PropTech. It provides hands-on and applicable solutions in the form of information about 222 companies providing PropTech to solve the everyday problems of market players.

  • Real Estate Owners will learn how they might better manage and improve properties through new solutions from PropTech firms and sell their properties faster, and for a better price.
  • Asset Managers will find solutions to increase the value of their buildings and the performance of their portfolios by reducing cost and time spent.
  • Property Managers will learn about digital communication apps that allow their tenants to report issues using only a smart phone, and find solutions through interoperable software systems that reduce their workload.
  • Real Estate Agents will find technological solutions to find new deals, clients, and markets in order to close transactions faster and more transparently.
  • Facility Managers will understand how to increase their demand and revenue by using the newest technology, such as the Internet of things (IoT), Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, and Smart Cities.
  • The Construction industry will learn about the latest in using Building Information Modelling (BIM). This book identifies those firms that are able to help companies become BIM ready and jump on the digital success ladder.
  • PropTech and Blockchain start-ups will learn about the problems real estate participants encounter when using outdated methods to solve problems, and how these new digital- and technology-focused firms can find better solutions for the real estate industry.

Real Estate professionals and entrepreneurs will find this a priceless resource to uncovering new opportunities and maximizing their profit in this growing market. This inspirational book covers every main industry development in depth, complete with immediate understandings and solutions provided by specialists at the cutting edge. This main comprehensive volume on the global state of PropTech gives you a distinct competitive advantage.

Whether you are responding to disruption or wanting to profit from innovation The ProTech Guide is for you.

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